The World Leader in Solar Thermal Concentration.


The highest Solarkeymark rating in the world Certificated at 91%.

Very original Biaxal Solar Tracker. 100% stable day and night.

Maintains all functions over the long term with minimal and simple maintenance. Very cost efficient.

EOSTH produces the exact temperature you require up to 100 degrees.

NO equal:
EOSTH has left Flat panels a long way behind. Concentrator efficiency, yield, and life span are far higher.


EOSTH simply saves you money all the way round!! Processes where this has proved to be the case

Domestic Hot Water


Air Conditioning


Steam generation


Industrial Washing


Recovery and Enhancement of Thermal Waste

Who can benefit:

Everyone and Anyone who uses Energy.

Farms – Greenhouses – Sports Centres – Local Communities – Hotels and the whole hospitality industry.
The whole Agro-Food processing industry. – Garden Centres – Laundries – Commodity Stores – Any Factory that uses power e.g. Textiles – Paper Conversion – Chemicals – Vehicles

Some Commercial advantages

Reduce fuels costs substantially.

Extend the life of your existing equipment particularly a boilers life cycle.

Product life cycle minimum 30 years without loss of performance. Commercial as well as environmental advantages.

Contain the maintenance costs of the system in general.

Makes production process’s much more sustainable.

Improve your Companies standing in the market and it’s corporate image. 

Benefit from important non-repayable government and local authority contributions and/or tax benefits.
e.g. In Italy the Thermal Account 2.0, 130% super-amortization, tax deductions.

The Future is Green

More and more people think about the environment and the future of our planet – many governments recognise this and incentivise projects like ours with tax benefits and other national support.

EOSTH has been able to demonstrate the advantages of our philosophy and how it is possible to maximise on this potential. For example a Standard EOSTH installed in Italy generated approx. 30,000 kilowatts per year and avoided about 6-8 tons of carbon dioxide and fine dust getting into the atmosphere. We are very proud of this result.

For the Environment and our Children’s Future

Long – term sustainable technological solutions.

 Minimum of 30 years life cycle of the product without any loss of performance.

 Dramatically reduces CO2 and fine dust emissions in the environment.

 Improves the quality of the working environment by reducing fumes and noise.

 Ability to recover the use of marginal areas around buildings.

 By making products and services more ecological the perceived value and the enjoyment of the final product and/or service increases substantially.

EOSTH is an Italian invention

designed and manufactured In Italy by people who understand and care.