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Our mission is to bring highly efficient innovation to the world of renewables, serving our customers.

Research and quality

More than 10 years of research, 8 years of operation at different sites, 4 international partners, more than 4 million Euros invested, European Commission approval, international invention patents and strategic industrial partnerships have brought Greenetica’s EOS products to life and guaranteed them. The thermal systems of the EOSth line maintain their efficiency of 91% over time and have a surprisingly higher life expectancy than other products on the market: an EOSth system, operating at full capacity, has a life cycle of at least 30 years, with no drop in productivity and minimal maintenance, which can be carried out by the customer himself or, on request, planned and provided.

The EOSth Solar Thermal Concentrator

The EOSth is a solar tracking thermal concentrator. Thanks to its two-axis solar tracking system, it guarantees exceptional efficiency at any time of day.

It uses parabolic mirrors as optics, mounted on a structure that automatically tracks the sun, directing radiation onto special linear collectors.

It produces thermal energy at a pre-set target temperature of up to 100°. Maintenance is minimal and keeps its efficiency unchanged over time.

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World efficiency record

The EOSth Concentrator has been awarded the Solarkeymark, the prestigious international certification standard for the solar thermal industry, which confirms the product’s quality in terms of reliability and performance, as well as its 91% efficiency, the highest in the world.


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Services available to the customer

Business Plan

Business Plan

We provide a prior analysis to quantify the expected energy yield based on the location chosen for the installation of the Solar Thermal Concentrator to replace or supplement the other energy sources used.

Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

We offer an advisory service to identify the financial solutions and incentives in place for the realisation of projects.

Transport and installation

Transport and installation

Upon specific request, we can also offer a transport service of the EOSth Solar Concentrator to the installation and testing site.

Ongoing assistance

Ongoing assistance

Once the installation is complete, Greenetica will provide you with training on the management of the Solar Thermal Concentrator and a remote control service to monitor its operation, as well as regular scheduled maintenance.

To whom it is addressed

All activities that have a significant heat or energy consumption can benefit from this technology, regardless of the sector: agricultural, industrial, tertiary or private.

  • Farms
  • Greenhouses
  • Sports Centres
  • Community
  • Hotel
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Cheese factories
  • Breweries
  • Charcuterie production
  • Industrial laundries
  • Shopping centres
  • Deposits: paper, textiles…

State Grants / Tax Incentives / Environment

The EOSth Solar Concentrator system is entitled to various forms of incentives and/or tax benefits, including the Conto Termico 2.0 contribution, the 65% Ecobonus, the Industry 4.0 (cumulative with the Conto Termico 2.0), and the 90% Superbonus, the Bonus Sud (cumulative), and other local or sector incentives.
As an example, the Conto Termico 2.0 for a standard EOSth system, for 50° heat generation installations, is € 16,716.00/23,402.00 (10 and 14 mirror variant).

Calculation made on the basis of the values given in the GSE appliance catalogue 2.C on p. 3.

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EOSth also benefits in Germany from the BAFA small and medium-sized enterprise subsidy of up to Euro 20,000 and is listed in the device catalogue on page 21.

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Learn more about some of the incentives in force: open table

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