We enable you to get much more value from the Sun!

10 years of quantified research, 6 years of effective operation in different locations, 4 international scientific partners, several million euros invested, documented approval by the European Commission and fully approved international invention, design patents issued and strategic industrial partnerships, guarantee EOS products of Greenetica.

We are pleased to confirm accreditation of the EOSTH solar thermal concentrator as fully achieving the internationally accepted Solarkeymark standard.
The tests on our Thermical Solar Concentrator EOSTH have certified an exceptional efficiency of up to 91%.
The expected production for typical installations in Italy is around 30,000 kWhth / year with a saving of several thousands of € on energy costs.
In Italy the system has the right to access to various forms of incentives and / or tax benefits, including the contribution of the Thermal Account 2.0. As an example, the Thermal Account 2.0 for a standard EOSTH system, for installations for the generation of heat at 50 °, is €16,725.
Many countries have similar arrangements regarding Green Energy.

By concentrating the power of the sun, we can multiply its uses at any temperature.
Our experience and flexibility guarantees the right solution for every customer
Integration into existing or new plants will greatly improve efficiency and profit returns.

Our mission:

To offer our customers a significantly more value from sunshine, more renewable energy, more energy efficiency.
To continue to study with our clients ad hoc solutions that can integrate different renewable sources and technologies

Who are the beneficiaries?

Anyone who wants to reduce their energy costs!
All of grid systems powered by diesel, LPG, biomass, etc. the concentration of which can be easily and immediately integrated.

Anyone who has daily energy consumption:

farms and greenhouses
sports facilities
garden centers
the whole Agro-Food processing Industry
hotels and the whole hospitality Industry

We enable you to get much more value from the Sun!

The EOS range:

Greenetica Distribution is the worldwide exclusive rights holder for the marketing of the entire range of solar products & concepts developed by Greenetica.

The basic model with 10 mirrors (17.5 m2 of capturing surface) and biaxial tracking is one of the many versions that will be produced in different sizes and capacities to suite the clients requirements.

The planned range will differ according to the type of receiver module installed: