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New partnership for greenetica distribution!

Padua, 15 February 2021 – Greenetica Distribution S.r.l. is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Poliscom S.r.l. and Safin S.r.l., which have each subscribed a 10% stake in the share capital of Greenetica Distribution S.r.l.

Greenetica will thus be able to accelerate the distribution plan for the innovative solar concentrator model in its thermal version. Il prodotto continua a detenere il record mondiale di efficienza (91%) รจ certificato a livello internazionale Solarkeymark. This exceptional performance makes the system particularly suitable for meeting the energy needs of both companies with production cycles that constantly use heat in their processes (e.g. dairies, industrial laundries, farms, etc.) and communities for their heating and hot water needs (e.g. hospitals, RSAs, schools, hotels, sports centres, etc.). All this is possible through the use of totally renewable energy and with huge reductions in CO2 emissions.

The investment made by the new partners, who are part of the shareholding structure of Umbra Group S.p.A., a leading listed company in the aerospace sector, will enable Greenetica to embark on a growth and business development plan aimed at increasing its presence in the renewable energy and green transition market, to which, moreover, the increased incentives from European Recovery Plan funds are allocated.

Greenetica was assisted by Paradigma, an innovation hub and incubator for innovative start-ups based in Padua, and Legalitax Studio Legale e Tributario.